Review – Instinct: a woman’s dark fantasy of male validation

Instinct 2

[…] Of course, developing a crush on someone and entertaining a rape fantasy are wildly different things, but fantasy plays a crucial role in both. It is the ‘What if?’ that first plants the seed of an impossible idea in mind. What if this happened? What if he did this? What if I did that?

Indeed, the dynamic of Instinct and of any fantasy is a matter of imagination more than it is one of bodies. As the camera follows Nicoline, in close-ups and shallow focus, we are privy to the restlessness behind her confident demeanor. Living alone in a too neatly arranged apartment, she spends most of her time staring out the window. Out with her colleagues, she is bored. Her loneliness is deep, her mind always reeling.

Full review on Sight & Sound

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